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Trades Tax

Who pays Trades Tax?
All goods imported into Seychelles, either by sea, air or post, are subject to the scrutiny and control of Customs. This includes goods carried by passengers and crew of vessels and aircraft. However, the majority of Trades Tax is collected on imports of goods through importers or their agents.

Trades Tax Rates and Concessions
Click here for trades tax rates.

Concessions are available for imports for certain industries such as the tourism, construction and car hire industry. Concessions on Trades Tax are approved by the Policy & Strategy Division of the Ministry of Finance. The approval is either stamped on the Bill of Entry or set out in a letter attached to the Bill. Concessions on GST are similarly approved by Policy & Strategy.

When drugs are found the initial gathering of evidence and interviewing of suspects if present, is carried out by Customs. When this has been completed the drugs and suspects if any, are handed over to NDEA personnel for follow-up action and prosecution.

Breaches of the Trades Tax Regulations relating to goods are normally dealt with by the imposition of a monetary penalty if the importer agrees. This can lead to either:
  • The loss of the goods involved and the payment of the taxes involved plus an extra amount up to 200% of the taxes evaded.
  • Return of the goods on payment of the taxes involved plus an extra amount up to 200% of the taxes evaded or
  • A fine on conviction as set out in the Regulations where an action has caused the breach. For example Regulation 115 gives a maximum fine of R100,000 for failing to bring an vessel arriving from overseas, to a boarding station.
  • Certain fines on conviction can be compounded by not going to Court but by accepting a sum of money not in excess of the maximum fine available on conviction.
Each case is dealt with on its merits but it would be fair to say that Customs rarely takes people to Court, instead relying on the imposition of a monetary fine.

Fees imposed by Customs
Sea Port
Verification of contents at Importers Premises, if approved
  • 20 foot container - SR1500.00
  • 40 foot container - SR2000.00
Government Warehouse & Cage at Air Cargo
First 7 days free then
  • Wet Goods - SR5.00 next 15 days then SR10.OO per day
  • Dry Goods - SR6.00 next 15 days then SR12.00 per day
Inland Revenue
  • Copy of Bill of Entryc - SR20.OO per set
  • Annual Administration Fee for a Bond SR10,000.00
  • EUR 1 endorsement fee - SR100.00 per certificate
  • Certificate of Origin - SR100.00
  • Tanker Outturn Statement - SR100.00
  • Destruction of damaged perishable goods or 'out of time' goods from SIBA or a Bond.
    - SR500.00 when GST on goods is less than SR1000.00
    - When GST is greater than SR1000.00, then SR1000.00 or 25% of the GST, whichever is the highest
Long Room
  • BOE Document Charge - SR25.00 per Bill
  • Bonded Fee (Ships Stores from Bond) - SR100.00

Passenger Concessions
Passengers’ baggage is exempt from tax provided that it is:
  • for the personal or household use of the passenger, and
  • not for sale or use as trade goods (including commercial samples)
Please refer to Tax Free Allowances for passengers entering Seychelles for more information.

Note: Persons under the age of 18 years are excluded from the items on alcoholic beverages, wine and tobacco.

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