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Trades Tax

Trades Tax is a tax generally levied on imported goods into the Seychelles. The amount of tax is determined by the amount stated in the Schedules of the prevailing law, Trades Tax Regulations, 1997.

Trades tax is calculated on the CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value of the goods. The Scheduled tax rate is then applied.
For example: The taxable CIF value of a widget is made up of SR 800 (cost of the widget) + SR 100 (freight) + SR 100 (insurance) and therefore the CIF value is SR 1,000 (800+100+100). The Trades Tax rate for widgets is set at 10% and therefore the Trades Tax payable is SR 100 (1,000x10%).

For more information on Trades Tax, refer to the following sections: Note: Trades tax is paid to the Seychelles Revenue Commission – not Customs. All cheques must be made out to “The Seychelles Revenue Commission” as the payee.

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