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Substantial Activity Requirements Guidelines

284KB PDF Download
Procedural Guidelines on Border Measures for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

1155KB PDF Download
Progressive Income Tax Payroll User Guide (June 2018)

978KB PDF Download
Progressive Income Tax Booklet

2091KB PDF Download
Private (Bonded) Warehouse
157KB PDF Download
Payroll User Guide - All Businesses

366KB PDF Download
Procedural Guidelines for Administering Application and Issuance of Certificates of Origin (Handbook for Exporters)

548KB PDF Download
SRC E-Service: Registering for FATCA and Uploading your XML Financial Institution Information Guide

548KB PDF Download
Business Tax Guide

1231KB PDF Download
SRC E-Service: E-Filing and E-Payment Guide

702KB PDF Download
Value Added Tax (VAT) Guide 2014

448KB PDF Download
Value Added Tax (VAT) Manual 2014

756KB PDF Download
Presumptive Tax Guide

792KB PDF Download
Digital Signature Guide

32KB PDF Download
Customs Clearance Procedures

975KB PDF Download
Cargo Manifest Procedures

739KB PDF Download
Get started as ASYCUDA World User

2741KB PDF Download
Business Activity Statement Guide

861KB PDF Download
Payroll Validation Utility User Guide

453KB PDF Download
Income Tax Payroll Template Guide

180KB PDF Download
Help Guide for Taxation e-Service

808KB PDF Download
Taxation Guide for Business/Employer

721KB PDF Download

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Exchange Of Information
Self-Assessment for Business Tax
The Self-Assessment System – Assessing your own tax liabilities
Value Added Tax
The Tax and Customs Agent Board (TACAB)
Lodgment of Partnership Business Tax Return
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