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Uniformity in Income Tax rate for Seychellois or Non-Seychellois employees effective 1 January 2011

What has changed?
Effective 1st January 2011, the rate of Income Tax applicable on the total emoluments earned by a Non-Seychellois employee has increased from 10% to 15%,which effectively means that all employees, Seychellois and non-Seychellois will, starting the month of January, be paying taxes at the same rate.

This adjustment in rate applies to all employees irrespective of salary level or post being occupied and whether you are employed by the private or public sector, or whether you are on a part-time, casual or full time basis.

A non-Seychellois employee earning a gross salary of SR 5,040 as at 31 January 2010 would therefore take home the same amount of money as a Seychellois employee of the same salary as can be seen in the table below.

Seychellois January 2011 Non-Seychellois January 2011
Gross Salary

SR 5,040.00 SR 5,040.00
Income Tax

@15% = SR 756.00 @15% = SR 756.00
Net Take Home Pay

SR 4,284.00 SR 4,284.00

This increase is in line with the Minister for Finance announcement that the rate of income tax for Seychellois and non-Seychellois employees will be uniform starting January 2011, in line with Paragraphs 1 and 3 of the First Schedule in the Income & Non-Monetary Benefits Tax Act, 2010, which came into effect on 1 July 2010.

Have the other rates under the Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax Act, 2010 changed?
It is important to note that all the other applicable rates, as per below, under the Act remains as follows:
  • Non-Monetary Benefits tax payable by an Employer - 20%;
  • Domestic worker - SR 50;
  • Day Care Worker - Either SR 100 or 10% of total emolument whichever is lower;
  • A person employed by either a Farming Company or a Boat owner (as defined under the Agriculture & Fisheries Incentives Act, 2005) is SR 100; and
  • A person receiving an emolument financed by means of an overseas grant under a specific program or an approved project is 2.5% of the gross amount received.

Do you need more information?
If you need further clarification about the Income & Non-Monetary Benefits Tax, please visit the Seychelles Revenue Commission Advisory Centre, Room 2 (Ground Floor), Ocean Gate House, Victoria or contact us on the following address:

Seychelles Revenue Commission
P.O. Box 50
Orion Mall, Victoria
Tel: 293737

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