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Press Releases

2019 Press Releases
  1. SRC Long Service Award Ceremony 2019
2018 Press Releases
  1. Launching of the Customs Compliance Program
  2. Tax Collection Report – A positive first six months for year 2018
  3. SRC Board Chairman and Management conducts informative session with the press
2017 Press Releases
  1. Honourable Dr Peter Larose, Minister for Finance, Trade and Economic Planningand delegation meet with staff of Seychelles Revenue Commission(SRC) in two general meetings
  2. More goods have been added to the VAT exemption list
2014 Press Releases
  1. How to Open a Pre-Payment Account with SRC?
  2. SRC Customs Division – Advice on the correct classification of fruit juice
  3. Introducing Electronic Payment for Tax
  4. How do I make an objection against a decision made by the Seychelles Revenue Commission?
  5. Requesting for an amendment to the Business Tax Return
  6. Importation of Goods under Value Added Tax which needs Endorsement of a Bill of Entry
  7. New procedures for clearing of perishable goods
  8. Simplified Tax for Small Businesses - The Presumptive Tax
  9. How do I get a Binding Tax Ruling from the SRC?
  10. Procedures for Claiming a VAT Refund at the Airport
2013 Press Releases
  1. Relief on Re-Importation of Goods
  2. Have you registered your business for Value Added Tax (VAT) yet?
  3. Does an Importer need a Bill of Entry for Clearance of Goods for Personal Use?
  4. VAT For Non-Resident Businesses
  5. What are the obligations of a Registered Business?
  6. ASYCUDA WORLD: Customs Clearance Procedures for Direct Delivery of Urgent Goods
  7. ASYCUDA WORLD: Customs Procedures for Cargo Manifest
  8. ASYCUDA WORLD: Customs Procedures for Clearance of Express Mail and Courier
  9. ASYCUDA WORLD: Pre-Clearance of Documents Before Arrival of Goods
  10. Value Added Tax (VAT): How to complete the VAT return?
  11. VAT on Accrual or Payments Received
  12. The Roles of Post Clearance Audit (PCA) in Promoting Compliance with Customs Procedures
  13. Valued Added Tax - Identify input VAT claimable as a credit as opposed to non-deductibility
  14. Changes in the Rates of Excise Tax on Excisable Goods (Motor Vehicles transporting goods)
  15. Changes in the Rates of Excise Tax on Excisable Goods (Tobacco and Fuel)
  16. A New Introduced Tax – The Corporate Social Responsibility Tax (CSRT)
  17. Changes in the Rates of Excise Tax on Excisable Goods (Alcohol)
  18. What are the System requirements for ASYCUDA World users (DTI)?
  19. How to Get Started as a User of ASYCUDA World?
  20. Value Added Tax - How and When a Business can Claim for a Refund?
  21. Value Added Tax (VAT): Filing the VAT Return (Part II)
  22. Using the Business Activity Statement (BAS) to report all your tax payments
  23. Taks Valer Azouter (VAT): Konstriksyon Lakaz Rezidansyel e Lakaz Lwe
  24. The Customs Division has switched to the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) CODE 2007
  25. Simplified Tax for Small Businesses - The Presumptive Tax
  26. Value Added Tax (VAT) : Filing the VAT Return
  27. Value Added Tax (VAT): How to Treat Goods Remaining in Stock on 1 January 2013
2012 Press Releases
  1. How will Value Added Tax (VAT) Work on Importation?
  2. Does a Business Supplying Zero-Rated Supplies Need to Register for VAT?
  3. How does Value Added Tax (VAT) work at the point of sale?
  4. What Passengers need to know about Value Added Tax (VAT) when they travel?
  5. Value Added Tax: The Refund Mechanism
  6. Value Added Tax: Have You Registered Your Business yet?
  7. Value Added Tax - VAT Inclusive / VAT Exclusive Prices
  8. Changes in Policy for Importation of Used Vehicles By Returning Residents/Graduates
  9. Revision of Policy on Importation of Used Vehicles
  10. What are the services offered by the Seychelles Revenue Commission’s Advisory Centres?
  11. Visit the SRC website for all your tax and customs information
  12. SRC gets its own logo
  13. VAT For Non-Resident Businesses
  14. VAT - Time of Supply
  15. Value Added Tax - VAT Inclusive / VAT Exclusive Prices
  16. Value Added Tax (VAT) Documentation
  17. VAT : The Transitional Period
  18. VAT on Importation - The Deferred Payment Facility
  19. VAT on the Retail and Wholesale Industry
  20. Have you voluntarily registered for VAT?
  21. VAT on the Tourism Industry
  22. Have you registered your business for VAT yet?
  23. What are the Benefits of being VAT Registered?
  24. Why is VAT not a Tax on Tax?
  25. How to Complete the VAT Registration form?
  26. Can a VAT registered business deregister for VAT?
  27. VAT to replace GST
  28. Value Added Tax - Registration Procedures for New Businesses
  29. Is VAT Inflationary?
  30. One Identification Number to be used across the whole of SRC as Customs switch to the Taxpayer Identification Number

2011 Press Releases
  1. VAT Registration Process for Existing Businesses
  2. How does VAT registration work?
  3. Activities which were not subjected to GST but is taxable under VAT Act 2010
  4. VAT: A Neutral Tax
  5. VAT: When Seychelles is the Country of Consumption
  6. The Use of VAT Credit and Debit Notes
  7. Transitional Issues when moving from GST to a VAT system
  8. What you need to know about VAT Invoice
  9. Everything you need to know about a VAT Return
  10. Obligations of a VAT registered Business under the VAT Act 2010
  11. Is VAT Inflationary?
  12. VAT on Importation
  13. VAT on Domestic Consumption
  14. Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT)
  15. Input Tax Credit: Recovering Your VAT
  16. An explanation of a Zero-rated supply under the Value Added Tax
  17. Common Pre-Conceived Ideas on VAT Exemptions
  18. Taxable Supplies and Exempt Supplies
  19. Taxable and Non-Taxable persons in the VAT system
  20. VAT versus GST
  21. What is Value Added Tax (VAT)?
  22. The Seychelles Revenue Commission
  23. Customs Procedures for Claiming Drawbacks
  24. Electronic Payroll Submission becomes Mandatory
  25. Customs Classification of Goods
  26. Customs Procedures for Passengers with Accompanied Commercial Goods
  27. Risk Assessment for Clearance of Cargo
  28. Conditions for Importation of Re–Imported Goods
  29. Seizure of Goods By Customs
  30. Customs Procedures for warehousing of goods (bonded warehouse)
  31. The Conditions for Used Personal and Household Effect Importation
  33. No Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Trades Tax on Sports Equipments
  34. Introducing the New Electronic Version of the BAS form
  35. Uniformity in Income Tax rate for Seychellois or Non-Seychellois employees effective 1 January 2011
  36. Self-Assessment System
  37. Increase in GST Rate on Scheduled Tourism Service Providers
  38. SRC service extends to Grand’Anse Praslin and La Digue
  39. Certificate of Origin
  40. Lodgment of Partnership Business Tax Return
  41. Non-Monetary Benefits Tax
  42. Seychelles Revenue Commission Advisory Centre
  43. Tax Free Allowances for passengers entering Seychelles

2010 Press Releases
File Size Format Download
Protecting Our Borders against Illegal Substances – Seychelles Customs Emphasizes its Role 255KB PDF Download
Annual Employee Bonuses, Domestic Workers and Day Care Employees - ENGLISH 119KB PDF Download
Annual Employee Bonuses, Domestic Workers and Day Care Employees - CREOLE 144KB PDF Download
Notice to Business Tax Payers and Employers - ENGLISH 34KB PDF Download
Notice to Business Tax Payers and Employers - CREOLE 34KB PDF Download

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