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Seychelles Revenue Commission Advisory Centre

With the rapid changes that are currently taking place at the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) and the recent introduction of the Business Act, 2009; Revenue Administration Act, 2009; and more recently the Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax Act, 2010; Seychelles Revenue Commission, is now handling enquiries from an increasing number of customers from both the public and private sectors.

The Advisory Centre, which is located at Ocean Gate House, Room 2, Ground floor, became operational in January 2010 and provides the following services:
  • Enquiries: Any tax or customs related query can be put forward to any SRC officer at the Advisory Centre. Officers from the Seychelles Pension Fund are also present at the Centre and provide advice on SPF queries. The Advisory Centre provides advice on a face to face basis, by telephone as well as electronically.

  • Payments with Business Activity Statement (BAS) Form: Income & Non-Monetary Benefits Tax, Goods & Services Tax (GST), Excise Tax, Pay As You Go – Business Tax, including Seychelles Pension Fund payments can now all be paid at the Advisory Centre. Payments are due on or before the 21st day of the month following your liability. Late payments can be subject to a penalty.. It is imperative that all payments are accompanied by a BAS Form.

  • E-Service: This electronic service allows organisations to manage their accounts, e.g. submit their payroll electronically every month. There is no fee to register for this service. We have started registering large businesses and will soon be sending out requests for small and medium businesses to also register.

  • New Business Registration: All new businesses, whether it is a requirement to be in possession of a business licence or not, must register for tax purposes. This includes small businesses which fall under SENPA. All businesses must be registered with SRC no later than 14 days after they become operational.

  • Seychelles Business Number (SBN) Registration: It is advisable for businesses to apply for and use the Seychelles Business Number.

  • Bill of Entry: Endorsement of Bills of entry for custom clearing purposes is also provided at the Advisory Centre.

Opening Hours of the Advisory Centre
The Centre is open to visitors and callers from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm including lunch time. Note however that the cashier (cash payments) service is open until 3pm from Monday to Thursday and until 2.30pm on Fridays. No appointments are required.

Advisory Services for Praslin and La Digue residents
There is also an Advisory office for businesses on Praslin and La Digue, whereby taxpayers can settle their tax liabailities and also seek advice on general tax enquiries. The office is situated at the Horizon Complex, Baie Ste Anne, Praslin.

As from 1st October 2010, businesses on Praslin and La Digue will be able to pay their taxes at the following locations:
  • Seychelles Pension Fund building at Grand Anse, Praslin
  • Seychelles Pension Fund office on La Passe, La Digue
Advisory services will also be increased for businesses on both Praslin and La Digue. SRC Officers will be available on a weekly basis to provide assistance and answer queries relating to any tax or customs related matters. The specific days and time will be communicated in due course.

Future plans to improve our service delivery
Understanding the customer experience is vital in improving the services being offered at the Advisory Centre as well as within SRC in general. To this end, SRC will be undertaking a customer survey (questionnaire) in the month of October 2010 which will help measure opinions and satisfaction levels. We encourage all customers to participate in the forthcoming survey. Comments when received will enable us to evaluate our overall performance and ascertain areas that need improving the standard of our service delivery.

Contact Details of the Advisory Centre
The Advisory Centre can be reached on the following telephone numbers: 293741/293742/293743
or you can send us an e-mail on

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