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Honourable Dr Peter Larose, Minister for Finance, Trade and Economic Planningand delegation meet with staff of Seychelles Revenue Commission(SRC) in two general meetings

Friday 26th May 2017, VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES: Two general meetings were organized for staff of SRC to meet with the Minister for Finance, Trade and Economic Planning and senior members of the Ministry.

The aim of the meetings was to establish better communication and interaction between the management and staff of SRC and with the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Economic Planning.

In both meetings held, staff thanked the Minister for meeting with them, stating that they have wanted to meet with the Minister for some time. Staff of SRC had the opportunity to express their concerns about issues that affect them as employees and sought clarification regarding benefits and conditions available to them in their respective positions in Customs Division, Tax Division and Support Services within SRC.

Both meetings were led by the Minister for Finance, Trade and Economic Planning, Honourable Minister, Dr. Peter Larose. Also present at meetings were Mr Patrick Payet the Principal Secretary for Finance, Ms. Cillia Mangroo the Principal Secretary for Trade, Ms Alison Lister the Acting Revenue Commissioner, Ms Marie-France Fanchette the Assistant Commissioner for Tax Division, Mr Andy Julie the Assistant Commissioner for Support Services, and Ms. Mellene Volcere the Acting Assistant Commissioner for Customs.

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Website Published Date: 29th May 2017

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