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Revision of Policy on Importation of Used Vehicles

The Ministry of Finance, Trade & Investment (MFTI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport (MHAT) have recently completed an exercise to review the current policy on importation of used Vehicles by returning residents and returning graduates.

The necessity to revise the current policy has arisen following a recommendation by the MFTI to cabinet recently, to authorise an amnesty for a number of passenger motor vehicles, including motorbikes, which had been detained by customs for some time. Those motor vehicles were detained for reasons of non-compliance with the current policy.

The amnesty to release those motor vehicles in customs custody was approved with conditions that the current policy be reviewed, where necessary, with the view to address the current inconsistencies. The two Ministries have since met on a number of occasions to refine the policy, which is now being made public. The cut-off date for the amnesty is the 10th of September 2012 and applies to motor vehicles that have already left any foreign port destined for Seychelles.

The new policy will now feature on all major websites in Government, especially SRC, for the benefit of general public, SIB for the benefit investors and NHRDC for the benefit of students overseas. The same will also be circulated to Seychelles Embassies and representations overseas, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the benefit of Seychellois living abroad.

In addition, the MFTI will ensure that the policy is widely communicated, as well as ensuring the public has access to it. A media campaign will start in the days that follow, by both MFTI and MHAT.

For any enquiries on the policy, the public is advised to contact the Import & Export Permit Office, MFTI, Liberty House, on Tel: 4382000, during normal working hours.

The MFTI and the MHAT would like to stress that with the coming into force of the revised policy, no discretion will be accorded in the future for importations that fail to abide by it. These two Ministries hence emphasize that the onus lies with the importer to ensure that vehicles coming to Seychelles satisfy the policy in place.

Click here to view the policy.

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