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Visit the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) website [] for all your tax and customs information

One of the strategic objectives of SRC is to promote voluntary compliance and facilitate trade. In order to be able to achieve this objective it is imperative that SRC delivers quality service to its clients at all times and that businesses can get access to information they need in relation to their dealings with SRC. Consequently, SRC has found it necessary to have an online presence through its website whereby businesses can get access to information 24 hours 7 times a week without having to leave the comfort of their offices and at any time at their convenience.

What is available on the SRC’S Website?
The SRC’s Website which was first launched in 2009 was revamped in 2010 to make it more user-friendly and with more useful information. The website provides information about the SRC itself under the ABOUT US section where you can get access to the SRC 3 Year Strategic Plan (2012 – 2014) and the annual report. It also provides job seekers with the latest job opportunities available within the organisation.

There is also a section which provides information about the different taxes applicable in Seychelles namely the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Business Tax, Income and Non-Monetary Tax, Excise Tax and Trades Tax. Information covered includes an explanation of the tax itself; who is liable to pay; the applicable tax rates; when payments are due and payable; and the concessions available if any.

Information about Customs is also available and includes the new Customs Management Act 2011 which became operational on 1 July 2012, customs procedures, passenger allowances and the Customs system, ASYCUDA.

We have also a section where you can download all the tax legislations and Statutory Instruments (SI’s), regulations, legal publications, Double Taxation Agreements (DTA), forms and educational materials such as guides and leaflets.

Visitors to the website can also get access to our Newsroom section whereby press releases and quarterly newsletter illustrates an overview of all our major activities and SRC’s main events.

Alongside all the aforementioned we also have information with regards to Value Added Tax (VAT) which includes the Act 2010, leaflets, guides, articles and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your ease of reference.

Our website also gives you access to some important links, such as the Ministry of Finance, Investment & Trade, Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB), Central Bank of Seychelles, World Customs Organisation (WCO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). These ministries and organizations are our stakeholders that also participate in helping you trade better.

We have also uploaded the different tax and contribution rates, fees and charges and Registered Tax Agents, Payroll Templates for Taxation E-service, Electronic and Manual BAS forms, VAT Manual and Payroll Validation Utility for businesses to download with ease.

Last but not least at SRC we also value your comments and complaints, therefore businesses/taxpayers have the possibility of providing us with their feedback under the heading “Have a Feedback? Tell Us What You Think’. This will allow us to know and understand your views with regards to our services for us to improve. You do not have to worry about confidentiality because your feedback goes directly to the Revenue Commissioner who will take necessary action.

In line with the same, SRC has also installed a Computer for public use at its Advisory Centre, Room 2, First Floor at OceanGate House.

For more information
You can contact the Seychelles Revenue Commission, Advisory Centre, Room 2, First Floor, OceanGate House or phone 4293737. For businesses on Praslin, information can be obtained from the Horizon complex, Baie Ste Anne or phone 4232041.

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