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What are the services offered by the Seychelles Revenue Commission’s Advisory Centres?

The Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) is committed to providing you with up-to-date, accurate, consistent and clear information by making sure that you are well informed through various means and channels at all times. We therefore welcome you to visit our Advisory Centres on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue where our dedicated staffs will keep you informed about your compliance obligations, from the day you want to set up a business to the day you are in full operation.

What are the services offered at the Advisory Centre at Oceangate House?
The Advisory Centre which is located at Ocean Gate House, Room 2, Ground Floor became operational in January 2010 and offers a wide range of services. These include enquiries, registration, payments, and endorsement of Bills of entry.

Enquiries: If you are in need of any information, advice or clarification in relation to any tax or customs-related issues, the SRC officers at the Advisory Centre can help you. You can do so by visiting the centre, by phoning the officers on the telephone numbers given below or by emailing them. There are also officers from the Seychelles Pension Fund who are present at the centre to give advice on any Seychelles Pension Fund issue..

Registration: All new business, whether it is a requirement to have a business license or not, must register with SRC for tax purposes. This includes small businesses that falls under the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (SEnPA). Registration must be done within 14 days after the business becomes operational and this is done at the Advisory Centre. Upon registering, the staff there will issue you with your Tax Identification Number (TIN) to be used in all your dealings with SRC. Furthermore, businesses can register for free at the Advisory Centre to get access to the E-Service facility. This facility which is accessible through the Government E-Service Gateway allows organisations to submit their payrolls electronically every month.

Payment: The Advisory Centre accepts tax payments from businesses on a daily basis through the Business Activity Statement (BAS) form. These include payments of Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Excise Tax, Pay As You Go (PAYG), Business Tax, as well as Seychelles Pension Fund payments.

Bills of Entry: The officers at the centre also endorse Bills of Entry for custom clearing purposes.

Advisory services for Praslin Residents
There is also an advisory service on offer on Praslin. There are two centres; one is located at the Horizon complex at Baie Ste anne and the other at the Pension Fund Complex Grand Anse Praslin.

Horizon Complex, Baie Ste Anne: This centre allows taxpayers to enquire about any tax or custom related issues, settle their tax liabilities and register as a new business and for e-service facility.

Pension Fund Complex Grand Anse: This is a pension fund office which allows taxpayers to pay their liabilities on the 21st of each month. Unlike the other centres, it does not offer any other service.

Advisory services for La Digue Residents
The residents of La Digue have not been forgotten. There is an advisory service where the office is located at the Pension Fund House and allows taxpayers to settle their liabilities, register their new businesses and for e-Service facility and also gives advice on general tax enquiries.

What are the opening hours of the Advisory Centre?
The centre is open to visitors and callers from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm including lunchtime. However, the cashier (cash payments) service is only open until 3pm from Monday to Thursday and until 2.30pm on Fridays. No appointments are required.

Contact Details of the Advisory Centre
The Advisory Centre can be reached on the following telephone numbers:
  • Mahe on 4293741 or 4293742 or 4293743
  • Praslin on 4232041
  • La Digue on 4235100
You can send us an e-mail on

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