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What's New

2021 What's New
  1. Notice - Attention to Potential Fraud
  2. Notice - Fixed Dates for Submission of Valuation of Immovable Property
  3. Notice - SRC Revised Opening Hours
  4. Tax Amnesty July - December 2021 Education Materials Download Now
  5. Notice to All Businesses (CSRT abolishment) Download Now
  6. SRC Certified Revenue Figures as at 31st December 2020 Download Now
  7. Medicines Regulatory Unit (MRU) Requirements for Importation of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers Download Now
  8. CIRCULAR TO ALL TAX AGENTS - Lodgment Program For 2020 Tax Returns & Other Forms

2020 What's New
  1. Notice to All Businesses - SRC Bank Account Download Now
  2. Notifications As Per the Country by Country Reporting Form Download Now

2015 What's New
  1. SRC E-Service: Registering for FATCA and Uploading your XML Financial Institution Information Guide

2014 What's New
Budget Speech 2014 By the Minister of Finance, Trade and Investment | English version | Creole version

2013 What's New
  1. The Seychelles Revenue Commission introduces its e-newsletter
  2. Notice to All Compulsory VAT Registered Businesses

2012 What's New
  1. Budget Address 2013 of the Minister of Finance, Trade and Investment, Mr. Pierre Laporte to the National Assembly
  2. Customs Division within SRC will be migrating to ASYCUDA World in March 2013
  3. Cancellation of VAT presentation in Districts English Creole
  4. Value Added Tax (VAT) become effective on 1st January 2013
  5. Reduction in Trades Tax on Food items, effective September 1, 2012
  6. NOTICE TO CLIENTS - Cheque Clearing System
  7. GST on Consumable Goods Puchased Locally for TIA Certificate Holders
  8. Changes in Procedures for Import Zone Operators
  9. National Day Address by the President English French Creole

2011 What's New
  1. SRC – Payroll Validation Utility
  2. SRC gets Grant from UNDP-EDF Project
  3. Taxation e-Service
  4. SRC a member of ATAF and CATA
  5. Introducing SRC’s first Newsletter
  6. Attention All Tourism Service Providers
  7. What's New on Tax Rates
  8. Seychelles Revenue Commission Open Day

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