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VAT Registration

The Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) would like to inform all businesses that registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) has started. VAT will become operational on July 1 2012 and it will replace the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Businesses with an annual sales turnover of SR 5 million or more are required by law to register for VAT. Those with a turnover below SR 5 million have the option of registering on a voluntary basis.

A letter and VAT registration form have been sent to existing businesses registered with SRC. Businesses that do not receive the letter and form by February 17th must contact SRC.

SRC is also calling on businesses to return their completed and signed form to any of its offices on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue by February 29th so that they can benefit from the VAT workshops that will be organised in March and April 2012.

SRC will also be holding regional meetings on VAT registration and all businesses are invited to attend.

The meetings will be held at the following locations:

Businesses are advised to attend the meeting which is closest to their business location.

For more information, contact SRC on 4294931 /4294932 / 4294933 or

Thank you.


Lanrezistreman VAT

Komisyon Reveni Sesel (SRC) i oule enform tou biznes ki lanrezistreman pou Taks Valer Azoute (VAT) in deza konmanse. VAT pou pran lefe aparti le 1 Zilyet 2012 and i pou ranplas GST.

I mandatwar pou tou biznes ki zot lavant anyel i SR 5 milyon ou plis pou anrezistre pour VAT. Biznes avek en lavant anyel mwens ki SR 5 milyon i annan en swa pou anrezistre lo en baz volonter.

Biznes ki anrezistre avek SRC pe deza konmans resevwar en let ek en form lanrezistreman sorti kot SRC. Aparti le 17 Fevriye si bann biznes pa ankor resevwar okenn let zot ganny demande pou kontakte SRC.

Biznes i ganny demande pou retoun zot form lanrezistreman kot okenn lofis SRC lo Mae, Pralen ek Ladig pa pli tar ki le 29 Fevriye pou zot kapab benefisye avek en seri latelye lo VAT ki pou ganny organize ant Mars ek Avril 2012.

SRC pe osi organiz en seri meeting rezyonal e tou biznes i ganny envite pou vini aprann plis lo lanrezistreman VAT.

Meeting pou ganny fer dan sa bann landwar swivan:

Biznes i ganny demande pou al dan sa rezyon ki pli pre avek landwa ki zot biznes i baze.

Pour plis lenformasyon pa ezite kontakte SRC lo: 4294931 /4294932 / 4294933 oubyen


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