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Taxation e-Service

With the introduction of the Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax (INMBT) Act 2010, the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) has introduced its e-service which is accessible through the Government E-Service Gateway. The e-service will facilitate taxpayers’ compliance with regards to the monthly submission of their payroll to SRC by allowing them to submit it online electronically. The e-service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the internet.

Who should make use of the Taxation e-Service?
Although the use of the e-service is more geared towards businesses with a workforce of over 100 employees, given the size of their payroll, this facility will be available to any taxpayer who wishes to make use of it.

How to access the Taxation e-Service?
To access the Government E-Service Gateway to use the SRC Taxation e-Service, employers must first register for an e-ID at the Seychelles Revenue Commission, where they will be provided with a password and an access code.

The e-ID is the organisation’s unique electronic identifier for online transactions with Government services. The Password is the organisation’s secret code to login to the E-Service Gateway. The Access Code is the unique electronic identifier for the authorized employee of the organization transacting with the online service on behalf of the organization. It is to be noted that the e-ID and Password are shared amongst the employees who are transacting online on behalf of the organization, whereas the personal Access Code must only be known to the person who registered for the Taxation e-Service access. This person must have the authorization from his or her employer before SRC can register the business/taxpayer for the e-service facility.

What documents are required for the registration of the E-service Gateway?
The person authorized by the organization must bring his/her ID card and an authorisation letter signed by:
  • the owner of the organisation if the organisation is from the private sector or
  • the head of the organisation if the organisation is from the public sector
Upon registration, a printout of the registration details will be provided and a copy will be sent to the e-mail address that the authorized person has provided to us. It is important to note that the e-mail address must be the personal official e-mail address of that person and not the general official e-mail address of the organisation.

How can a business with its own Payroll software system interface data with the Taxation e-Service?
The Taxation e-Service accepts only a specific payroll format, Income Tax Payroll Template, to be uploaded. Businesses which have an electronic payroll system should contact SRC for details of the electronic file format required to allow data from their payroll system to be uploaded via the e-service. An Income Tax Payroll Template Guide is also available and for further technical information you can call the Department of Information Communications Technology on 286639 or 286678.

Are there alternative means of submitting payroll?
For those businesses that do not wish to make use of the e-service Gateway there are 3 alternative ways of submitting your monthly payroll:
  • By providing a soft copy on a pen drive to SRC. The payroll will be downloaded and your pen drive returned to you right away; or
  • By sending the information via e-mail addressed to or
  • By calling at the Seychelles Revenue Commission and seeking the assistance of one of our officers to help you prepare and submit a hard copy using the pre-printed payroll format.
For the first 2 options (using the pen drive and e-mail), the taxpayer must ensure that the electronic format in which they submit their payroll is in one that SRC can accept. Businesses that would make use of these two options are kindly requested to contact SRC for more information about the acceptable format to be used.

For more information
If you require more information about accessing the Taxation e-Service, you can call us on 293737 or collect a copy of our guide at the Advisory centre, Room 2, Ground Floor at Oceangate House or download it here.

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