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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the current rates of Business Tax, Income and Non-Monetary Benefits?

Business Tax
Sole Trader and Partnership:
0% on the first SR 150,000 of taxable income
15% on the next Rs 850,000
33% on the remainder

Companies do not have a tax free threshold. The rate payable is 25% on the first SR 1,000,000 and 33% on the remainder.

Alternately, you can download the Business Tax Act, 2009.

Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax
Seychellois employee – 15% of gross emolument
Non Seychellois employee – 15% of gross emolument
Non Monetary Benefits Tax – 20% on the value of the non-monetary benefits provided to the employed person. The employer is liable for this.

Alternately, you can download the Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax Act, 2010.

2. What type of documents do I have to produce when I register my business?
  • National Identity Number (NIN)
  • Cash Flow Forecast based on income estimated to be derived in the first tax year
  • Certificate of Registration and Incorporation
  • Certificate of Partnership (If partnership)
  • Copy of License (if any)
  • All other documents that are considered relevant for the purpose of registration

3. When are my returns due?

Business Tax Return: 31st March of the following year
Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax: 21st of the following month
Pay As You Go Withholding: 21st of the following month

Please note that the Business tax instalment, Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax and Pay As You Withholding are remitted via the Business Activity Statement (BAS).

For more information on BAS, refer to Business Activity Statement section.

4. Who is liable for the Pay As You Go Withholding?

Businesses listed in the Business Tax Act 2009 Fourth schedule as specified businesses.

A resident entity or permanent establishment in Seychelles of a non-resident entity paying interest to a resident person shall withhold tax from the gross amount of the interest paid under Section 63 at the rate specified in the amendment of the First Schedule as last amended by S.I 6 of 2010.

A person paying a dividend, interest, royalty, natural resource amount, insurance premium, or technical service fee subject to tax under section 8. Refer to section 66 and section 4 under the First schedule.

5. Do I have to lodge a Business Tax Return although my taxable income is nil or below the SR 150,000 threshold?

Yes, all businesses are required to lodge a Business Tax Return by 31st March of the subsequent year. If a business has been granted approval for a substituted tax year under section 26 then the return shall be lodged within three months after the end of the tax year as stated under section 57. For the avoidance of doubt, a business tax return is required irrespective of any liability or loss.

6. What are the passenger and crew tax free allowances?

Passenger Tax Free Allowances
The duty free allowance per passenger is as follows:
  1. 200ml of Perfume and Eau de Toilette;
  2. 2 litres of alcoholic beverages containing less than or equal to 16% alcohol (such as beer, wine and sparkling wine);
  3. 2 litres of alcoholic beverages containing more than 16% alcohol (such as whisky, rum, gin and fermented or distilled liqueur);
  4. 250 grams of tobacco product or 200 cigarettes. Tobacco product includes but is not limited to cigars, cheroots, smoking & chewing tobacco and snuff;
  5. SCR 5,000 worth of other goods (for passengers aged 18 years or old) or SCR 3,000 worth of other goods (for passengers under the age of 18 years) provided:
    i) the goods are for the personal use of the passenger, and
    ii) the goods are not for sales or use as trade goods including commercial samples
  6. Persons under the age of 18 years are excluded from item 2, 3 and 4 above.
Crew Tax Free Allowances
  1. Ship or airline crew baggage that meet the definition of baggage provided in Regulation 234, and accepted as such by the controller are exempt from tax provided that the baggage is:
    i) for the personal or household use of the ship or airline personal, and
    ii) not for sale or use as trade goods
  2. 1 litres of alcohol beverages and 200 cigarettes (ship and airline personnel)
  3. SCR 1,500 worth of other goods (ship and airline personnel)

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