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Taxpayers' Charter

The Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) has revised its Taxpayers Charter. The revised Charter provides a relationship between you as taxpayers and SRC, which depends heavily on mutual cooperation, shared observation of rights and obligations and a high degree of trust on both sides. Since our relationship is growing increasingly complex it generates a need in having a clear and simple statement of your basic rights and obligations.

Through a better understanding of your rights and obligations we envisage a more efficient working relationship and a revenue collection system that functions properly and efficiently. This will assist us in better performing our duties towards you.

Click here to download the complete Taxpayer Charter.

Your Rights
What you expect from us:
  • We will treat you as being honest unless you act otherwise;
  • We will treat you fairly, reasonably and with respect;
  • We will provide you with quality service at all times;
  • We will help you to get things right;
  • We will allow you access to information about your tax affairs;
  • We will respect your choice to be represented by another person or body;
  • We will keep the information we have about you confidential;
  • We will show accountability for our decisions and actions;
  • We will respect your right to an explanation and review;
  • We will respect your right to an objection of any decision we have taken;
  • We will respect your right to an appeal; and
  • We will respect your right to complaint.
Your Obligations
What we expect from you:
  • You must register as a taxpayer;
  • You must submit your returns and make payments of the correct amount of tax on time;
  • You must maintain up to date and accurate records relevant to your dealings with us;
  • You must notify us promptly of any mistakes made
  • You must provide appropriate facilities and documents to SRC Auditors to enable them to conduct tax audits appropriately
  • You must lodge your representations/appeal within the prescribed time.

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