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The Tax and Customs Agent Board (TACAB)

The Tax and Customs Agent Board (TACAB) was officially set up on March 1st 2010. The Board is responsible for the registration and regulation of Tax and Customs agent.

Effective 1st September 2020, members of the Tax and Customs Agent Board (TACAB) are as follows:
  • Mr. Charles Morin – Chairman
  • Mrs. Marie-France Fanchette – Deputy chairperson
  • Ms. Rebekah Labiche – Technical Advisor
  • Mr. Marcus Naiken – Member
  • Mr. Bernard Pool – Member
  • Mrs. Simone Didon – Member
  • Mrs. Kristina Thelemaque – Member
TACAB encourages all existing Tax and Customs agents to come forward and register with the Board.

For registration, interested agents can simply download and complete the TACAB registration form below:

Click to get a copy of the TACAB registration form
Click for the list of licensed clearing agents, ships and aircraft agents
Click for the Code of Professional Conduct for Tax Agent
Click for the Fit and Proper person Guidelines for Tax and Customs agents

You can also collect the registration form at TACAB office at the following address:

Kingsgate House
Room 18
First Floor
Tel: 4325300

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