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Registering Your Business

Who should register?
All new business must register with the Seychelles Revenue Commission within 15 days of commencing business. Furthermore, you must register as an employer within 7 days of employing someone. Employment need not be full-time as it also includes part-time and even casual labour.

Business size and types?
You need to know the size of your business and what type of business you are registering.

A business is a small business if the annual turnover is less than SR 1,000,000.

A business is a medium business if the annual turnover is between SR 1,000,000 and SR 50,000,000.

A business is a large business if the annual turnover is more than SR 50,000,000.

The main types include sole trader, partnership, company or trust. Learn more about these types of businesses.

Registering your business
A business registration form is available at the Seychelles Revenue Commission office, Oceangate House, located in room 2 at the ground floor or alternatively, you can download the form here.

It should be completed by you or a registered tax agent. However, if you nominate a registered tax agent you need to write to the Seychelles Revenue Commission authorising the registered tax agent.

Along with the completed business registration form, you should submit the following:
  • A copy of your business license
  • If a tax agent has been appointed, the name and address is required
  • If a company, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and the full name of the Public Officer and his/her NIN
After registration
  • We will notify you with your business Taxation ID number
  • The Taxation ID number should be used as a reference on all correspondences with the Seychelles Revenue Commission
The Taxation Guide for new business is available at the Seychelles Revenue Commission at Room 2, Ocean Gate House or you can download it here.

Your obligations
Social security obligations
  • You must register as an employer within 7 days of employing someone
  • Provide full details of all your employee’s NIN, the post occupied and monthly salary/earning
  • You need to maintain employee record to a minimum standard
A copy of the Employers Guide to Social Security Contribution can be obtained at the Seychelles Revenue Commission at Room 2, Ocean Gate House or downloaded here.

Good and service tax (GST) obligations
  • A business is liable to collect and remit GST to Seychelles Revenue Commission in respect of sale of their locally manufactured goods and payment received for services that they have provided
  • The various prescribed GST rates is published in the Good and Service Tax Regulation
  • You must enquire whether your line of business is subject to GST. If so, you must lodge a monthly GST return detailing your total income even if this income is zero
Provisional tax obligations
  • Provisional tax is a tax paid in advance on a monthly basis and the amount to be paid is calculated based on an estimate of the businesses taxable income
  • The monthly Provisional Tax payable is simply calculated by giving the estimated annual tax payable by twelve (months)
  • If the total Provisional Tax paid in advance for any year exceeds the actual tax payable (as per the Business Tax Assessment issued to the business) the business is entitled to a refund of the difference
Deduction at source(DAS) (Provisional tax) obligations
  • DAS applies to a specific list of business known as Specified Businesses contained in the Sixth Schedule of the Business Tax Act
  • The liability for the payment of DAS arises at the time that the specified business receives its assessable income from the 'payer' business
  • The 'payer' business is responsible to deduct the DAS on the engaged specified business and remit this DAS to the Seychelles Revenue Commission
  • Payments by the 'payer' businesses to a specified business are required to be recorded in a DAS book
  • The DAS book is issued to every specified business on the day the specified business registered with Seychelles Revenue commission
If payments are received from non business person, you must either:
  • Deduct and remit DAS for yourself by completing the top and bottom part of the certificate in the DAS Book
  • Attach the original and duplicate of the certificate with the payment
  • Remit all the three certificate copies to Revenue Commissioner
  • A receipt for the payment received and the duplicate of the certificate will be stamped and returned to you
General obligations as a registered business/taxpayer
  • You must lodge a Business Tax return with the Seychelles Revenue Commission by 31st March every year
  • You must maintain records detailing all your business transactions
  • If you are issued a Provisional Tax assessment as a result of registration, you must ensure that payment is made on the 15th of each month
  • You can apply for a variation of the Provisional Tax assessed (limited to only one application per year)
  • Once you are registered, you must inform us if your details or business circumstances change
  • You must inform us if you ceased business or to cancel your registration

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