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Revenue Tribunal

The office of the Revenue Tribunal located at Room 18, Kingsgate House, Victoria, is now opened daily from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The Revenue Tribunal was established under Section 70 of the Revenue Administration Act of 2009 to review objection decisions taken by the Seychelles Revenue Commission.

In accordance with Section 71 of the Revenue Tribunal Act, 2009, - Effective 1st November 2018 the full composition of the Revenue Tribunal Board is as follows:
  • Mr. Michael Benstrong - Chairperson
  • Ms. Sandra Michel - Member
  • Mr. Kalum Bandara - Member
  • Mr. Paul Robert - Member
Forms for Lodgment of Appeal with the Tribunal can be collected at their office during working hours or downloaded through the link below:

Application for Review of a Decision

Lodgment of Appeals is subject to payment of a small administrative fee. For any additional information, please cal4325300 during office hours or email:

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