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Prohibited and Restricted Goods

Prohibited Imports are goods for which importation is prohibited by law. Restricted Imports are goods for which importation is not prohibited by a written law, but subject to approval of a competent authority. Restricted goods can only be imported with a valid import permit.

It is the Customs Management (Prohibited and Restricted goods) Regulation, 2014 which makes reference to Prohibited and Restricted Goods. Customs continue to encounter situations where goods enter the country without valid import permits. In such circumstances there are some consequences, stipulated in the Customs Management Act 2011. The risks for the importer are:
  • Goods may be seized.
  • Importer may be asked to re-export the unauthorized goods.
  • Importer will have to pay the customs debt incurred on the importation of such goods.
  • Importer may be faced with a fine for landing unauthorized goods.
Disclaimer: This is not a comprehensive list of prohibited or restricted goods. If you are unsure about the goods you plan to import, contact Customs before you do so. Customs will advise you in writing and you may legally rely on this advice.

Prohibited goods

The following goods are listed as a sample of prohibited goods. To download the complete list of Prohibited and Restricted Goods, click here.
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Controlled drugs
  • Toxic chemicals e.g. asbestos and dieldrin
  • Counterfeit currencies
  • Military uniforms
  • Pornographic or indecent material
  • Bodies for motor vehicles
  • Part and accessories for motor vehicles

Restricted Goods (requiring a Permit)

To import a restricted good, you need a permit from the Permit Section - Ministry of Finance.

The following list is an example of restricted goods. To download the complete list of Restricted Goods, click here.

Approval from Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Plant and plant products
  • Wood treated and untreated
  • Meat and edible meat offal, fresh frozen and chilled
  • Edible vegetables and fruit
  • Fish And crustaceans, mollusk and other aquatic invertebrates, fresh, frozen or chilled
Approval from the Ministry of Environment and Energy
  • Animal and animal by-products not treated
  • Endangered species
  • Dangerous chemical and precursor chemicals
Approval from Department of Finance, Trade and Investment
  • Mineral fuels, mineral oils, and products of their distillations, bituminous substances; mineral waxes
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco
  • Left hand drive vehicles
  • Second hand vehicle
Approval from Commissioner of Police
  • Pyrotechnic products and blasting explosives
  • Swords, cutlasses, bayonets and similar arms
Approval from Ministry of Health
  • Pharmaceutical and Veterinary products
Approval from Department of Information Communications Technology
  • Radio communication equipment
Approval from Seychelles Bureau of Standards
  • Glass and gazed glass products for architectural use in building
Approval from Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority
  • Aircraft
Approval from Seychelles Maritime safety Authority
  • Ships and vessels

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