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Service standards

What are Service Standards?
Service Standards is a public commitment to a measurable level of performance that clients can expect under normal circumstances. They describe the level of service, including timeframes for completing tasks and answering queries (etc.) an organisation aims to deliver to its clients.

Service Standards are important because they provide organisations with performance targets, drive service improvement and inform clients of what to expect from an organisation.

SRC Service Standards
For the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) our Service Standards reflect our aim to deliver professional, timely, effective and efficient services to clients. SRC’s Service Standards indicate the time it will normally take to provide a particular service. In certain circumstances some tasks may take longer than the Service Standard (e.g. when SRC have not been provided all necessary information to complete a task, if there is an IT system failure, or for highly complex or unprecedented issues).

SRC will be measuring performance in relation to the achievement of Service Standards in order to make improvements to service delivery and increase efficiency of internal processes. Through the SRC website clients can access a list of SRC services and the Service Standard associated with them.

SRC Service Standards reflect the organisations values of Integrity, Impartiality, Professionalism, Transparency, and Accountability and our commitment to continuous improvement in all that SRC does.

For more details on SRC services and SRC Service Standards, click on an option below (either Service Standards for Tax Division or Service Standards for Customs Division).

Services and Service Standards listed are in accordance with current SRC Standard Operating Procedures, and are subject to change should a procedure be reviewed and improvements made.

Feedback Form - About the SRC Service Standards
Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback about our services by sending us your comments through the link below. We are conducting this client feedback research in order to measure your level of satisfaction with the quality of our service.

SRC thanks you for your participation in the Feedback Form and for using our services and we hope we will be able to constantly improve our services.

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