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About our selection process

The Seychelles Revenue Commission is an employer that promotes equal opportunity and the process to select suitable candidate(s) for our vacancies is based on merit.

This means that anyone may apply for our advertised positions (although as per Employment Law, preference is given to Seychellois residents over others) and we will determine the suitability of applicants by assessing their qualifications, knowledge, work experience and performance during the selection process against the duty statement & criteria of the job.

The merit based selection process includes the following steps:
  1. Job(s) are advertised and applications are submitted by the Closing date
    All vacancies are advertised on our website. This is so that everyone is aware of them and that anyone who is interested is given a fair and equal opportunity to apply and demonstrate their suitability for the job. To be considered for an advertised vacancy you must submit an application to us by the Closing Date. Late applications will not be accepted unless there are very special circumstances.

    Applications should be addressed to the HR Manager and include:
    • a completed Employment Application Form
    • a copy of your resume / CV , and
    • the names of at least two references.
    You may also like to include a covering letter explaining why you think you are suitable for the role having regard to the duty statement for the position.

  2. A selection committee is formed
    A committee comprising three people will be established to manage the selection process and make assessment on all applicants. This is called the Selection Committee and will be made up of one person from HR and two technical experts. You will be contacted by the Selection Committee after the Closing date once we receive all applications.

  3. Initial knowledge or skill assessment
    The selection process may involve an initial assessment of your skills and knowledge. If this is the case you will be advised of this by the Selection Committee once we have received all applications for the advertised job. The assessment will usually take the form of a Questionnaire, designed to help us find out more about your knowledge and skills, and will form part of our assessment as to your suitability for the job you have applied for.

    The Questionnaire will be in a moderated environment and may include questions on literacy, ethics, your judgment and decision making ability, leadership (if your applying for a managerial or leadership role) as well as specific knowledge questions relevant to the job you have applied for.

  4. Interview
    The selection process will usually involve an interview where we invite you to come talk to us, usually in person, so we can find out more about you as well as ask and clarify your knowledge and experience. This is an opportunity for you also to ask us any questions you may have about our organization, our working conditions or the job and selection process itself.

  5. Applicant’s are rated
    Following the skill/knowledge assessment and/or interview, the Selection Committee will make a final assessment of each applicant (as not suitable, suitable, very suitable against the job) and rank all suitable applicants in order from most suitable to least suitable.

  6. Reference, Police & Security checks
    The Selection Committee will then undertake the necessary checks for the suitable applicants and this will be used to confirm and/or support the process undertaken by the Committee. This includes checking references and if the applicant is not currently employed with Government may include the standard police and security checks.

  7. Recommendation of Merit list approved and Outcome communicated
    The Committee will recommend the appointment of the most suitable candidate(s) and this will be reviewed to ensure the equal opportunity and merit based process of the organization has been followed. Upon approval, positions will be offered to the most suitable candidate(s) and a merit list will be formed that ranks all other suitable candidates for the job type. Should we identify a vacancy within the next 12 months we will be able to use the merit list to identify suitable applicants to fill the role.

  8. Feedback to applicants
    Upon the completion of the process all applicants will be informed of the outcome and offered feedback on the process. Should an applicant be dissatisfied they may seek a review by applying to the Revenue Commissioner.

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