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If you are not requested to provide referee details, state in your resume that you will supply referee details upon request.

If you are requested to provide referee details, please ensure that you ask people if they are willing to serve as a referee before you include their name on your resume.

Details you should include:
  • referee’s name
  • organisation
  • position (relationship to you, for example, previous manager), and
  • contact telephone number (check with them their preferred number)
To assist your referee in providing referee comments, you may like to supply them with:
  • a copy of the job description for the position for which you are applying, and
  • a copy of your job application.
Additional information (optional)
You may wish to include the following information in your resume:
  • languages (include level of proficiency)
  • computer languages and software packages (if relevant to the position), and
  • awards that you have gained which relate to your profession, job or studies.

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