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Education, training and memberships
  • Most important will be the details of essential qualifications for the role.
  • Avoid ambiguity.
  • Omit old or irrelevant qualifications.
  • Include subjects or modules studied only if directly relevant to the advertised/vacant position.
  • Only include details of short courses attended if this information is a selling point.
Educational details to include:
  • Depending upon educational qualifications and work experience, you may include school/TAFE/university.
  • Dates attended.
  • Qualifications you gained, your major (if applicable).
  • Any continuing professional education.
Training details to include:
  • Dates attended.
  • Qualifications you gained.
Memberships or accreditation details to include:
  • Include the name of the organisation.
  • Dates of memberships or accreditations (including level of membership).

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