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Section 1: Preparing your application

Before you begin writing your application you should find out as much about the position as you can. This will help you determine the skills and experience you need to be successful in the role. You can research the position in the following ways.
  • Read through the Duty Statement/Job description which provides you with more information relevant to the position. It will include details of the duties, location and work environment. Ensure you read this document thoroughly, you can download this from the website or, if you’re having trouble, come into our Office and we can give you a copy.
  • Contact our HR Manager to ask more questions about the role or the work area.
  • Find out about how we Run the Selection Process by clicking here.
Don’t start writing your resume or application until you know what the job is. Get as much information about the job as you can. This will ensure you can accurately address the requirements of the job in your application and in the selection process itself.

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