Fight against trafficking of narcotics and the cascading effects of drug importation is a training being delivered to a group of Customs Officers from the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) by two expert facilitators; Mr. Xavier Agnus and Mr. Johan Daval, from the Réunion Island.

Launched on Monday, 12 December, the training is set to provide the Customs Officers with the basic knowledge and skills required in detecting possible narcotics trafficking as well as fraudulent documentation for parcels received through post and courier services.

Made possible by the Seychelles French Embassy in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, the Regional Director for Customs in Reunion and the Seychelles Revenue Commission, the capacity development sessions scheduled over the next five days aims to further elevate Seychelles competencies towards border protection and the fight against illegal drug trade.

Addressing the dignitaries and participants at the opening ceremony of the training, Director for Seaport Enforcement, Mr. Francois Ally expressed his gratitude to the Seychelles French Embassy for their endless support in facilitating the communication with the facilitators in Réunion Island, enabling the successful delivery of the training in Seychelles. Mr. Ally further explained that the training will not only enhance the ability of the Customs Officers to detect, report and fight against drug trafficking within the region, but it will also enable the officers to better address drug-related threats and challenges to effectively maintain border protection.

On her part, H.E Mrs. Olivia Berkeley- Christmann thanked SRC for their hospitality and for being keen to welcome such opportunities as and when it arises, to which she hopes would certainly be implemented as part of the everyday duties of Customs Officers.

Exploring future areas of collaborations and strengthening relationships, ahead of the start of the training, SRC executives from both Tax and Customs Division also had the chance to meet and engage in fruitful discussions with the newly accredited Ambassador of France to the Seychelles, H.E Mrs. Olivia Berkeley-Christmann along with the two experts.