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Notice to all BAS Users
New Income Tax Payroll Template
Large Business As From 31st January 2017 Small/Medium Business As From 6th March 2017
The following public rulings have been published for comments.
Public Ruling 2016-6 Public Ruling 2016-5 Public Ruling 2016-3
Trade Tax Exchange Rate - Friday 9th June 2017 Download
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Service standards
Exchange Of Information
Notification for FATCA XML Schema v2.0 (Draft version)
Self-Assessment for Business Tax
The Self-Assessment System – Assessing your own tax liabilities
Value Added Tax
The Tax and Customs Agent Board (TACAB)
Lodgment of Partnership Business Tax Return
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SI 27 of 2017 - International Trade Zone (Declaration of Zone) (No. 4) Notice, 2017
SI 26 of 2017 - International Trade Zone (Declaration of Zone) (No. 3) Notice, 2017
SI 24 of 2017 - Excise Tax (Amendment of Schedule 1) Regulations, 2017
SI 23 of 2017 - Business Tax (Double Taxation Agreement) (Amendment) Regulations, 2017
SI 21 of 2017 - Value Added Tax (Amendment of First Schedule) Regulations, 2017
SI 19 of 2017 - Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax Act (Exemption) Order, 2017
Income Tax Calculator As From July 2016 Try It Now
Income Tax Calculator for April to June 2016 Try It Now
Notice : Changes in the rate of Income Tax for 2016
Notis : Sanzman dan to taks lo saler pour 2016
Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax (April 2016)
Taks Lo Saler e Benefis Non-Moneter (Avril 2016)
Notice to the General Public
Notis Pour Piblik An Zeneral
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Ministry of Finance
Seychelles Investment Bureau
Central Bank of Seychelles
World Customs Organization (WCO)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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